Nominate an Organization to Become a Slow Food Honoree

  1. Nominate a business by emailing and tell us the business’s name, best contact, website (if applicable) and short summary of why you are nominating
  2. We will reply and help walk you through the application process
  3. All nominees will fill out the Eligibility Application– and all applicants who score a passing score of 56 or greater will be eligible
    • You can learn more about the process by previewing the application
    • You will not be able to save your progress as you go.  The application is completely multiple choice and usually takes 30-45 minutes to complete..
  4. If a passing score is not achieved, applicants can seek help from us who can assist in identifying ways to improve score
  5. All applicants who pass will be contacted to participate in a short 30 minute interview and schedule a site visit. 
  6. Based on the Eligibility Application score, interview, and site visit– a panel will select awardees.

Who Should Apply?

Any food business or organization that produces and/or offers food for public consumption and is pursuing and practicing Slow Food values of good, clean, fair food for all—restaurants, farms, ranches, fisheries, cafes, bars, food trucks, breweries, wineries, caterers, value-added food producers+

National Map of Slow Food USA Honorees

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